Review: Dehati – Carrying the Tradition

With an enormous amount of new joints and places to eat opening every day in Ranchi where things keep getting fancier and fancier. Dehati – Carrying the Tradition takes a step in a different direction with their subtle and earthy looks. Dehati wants to keep things simple. They use Tokris made of bamboo and bowls of leaves. They provide what everyone loves to eat at a very cheap price and a quality that’s unmatched. From Samosas to Imartis to Gulab Jamuns there is nothing to complain about this place.

With a new branch opening in the city every few months the owner Raghuvendra Singh says that he wants to feed what people of Ranchi. He has a few more eateries in his name other than Dehati in Ranchi. He says that he dreams of serving the entire population of Ranchi. And wishes that one day he has a store outside Ranchi as well. The owner Raghuvendra Singh makes sure that no one goes away from the store hungry. He is a very social and charitable person.

Menu at Dehati
Menu at Dehati


Firstly, the samosas that Dehati has are unmatched. The crust is flaky, the filling is filled to the brim and chutneys complement the fried samosa very well. They say that they use good quality oil to fry the samosas and other eatables which is good to know. A samosa here will cost you ₹8. Dehati also serves Kachoris but I guess it’s only available in the morning as we were unable to get our hands on them in the evening.

samosa at dehati

Gulab Jamun

Gone are the days where the residents Ranchi were only eating Gulab Jamuns made of maida (all-purpose flour). Instead, they use whole wheat flour to make their Gulab Jamuns which are incredibly soft. Hotchpotchh will vouch for the quality of the Gulab Jamuns. The Gulab Jamuns had the right amount of sweetness to them. They were very soft as we mentioned earlier and they serve them hot so there’s no denying that the Gulab Jamuns will score a perfect score in this review.

Gulab jamuns from Dehati
Hot Gulab Jamun


Next comes the Imartis, which are also very tasty. The batter was fermented and the Imarti was crunchy. The Imarti was a bit too sweet for my taste but despite that it was great. Sadly we were unable to get our hands on Kheer Kadam. But whenever we’ll visit next we will post the photos on our Instagram feed. If you need more content by us, make sure that you follow us on Instagram as well.

Imarti from Dehati

So, in the end, we would like to say that Dehati isn’t doing something different but doing the most common things differently. We wish them a very great future ahead. We will absolutely urge you guys to try them out if you’re from Ranchi. If we had to give them score (for which we might not be the right people) we would score the 8.5/10. They are not the Samosas that we need but the Samosas that we deserve.

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