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Mumbai – the city of dreams as one may call it, painting it to be the city that has all the stardom and epicness.  I find that its mediocrities are what makes this place so special. For me, it’s not the celebs that make this place so appealing or even the beaches but its what the streets have to offer, precisely Mumbai’s famous foods Vada pavs, Sandwiches and Cutting Chai. I feel the people of this city are always in a rush and these food items are the things that help keep the city moving. They are affordable, hassle-free and always ready to go with you on your incredibly busy day.

Vada Pav

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing the concept of our very own burger is. Vada pav is one of Mumbai’s most famous foods. There are so many things I like about it firstly it’s super cheap. On average it costs about 12 rupees so no matter what anyone can afford it. Secondly, it’s accessible and easy, you don’t even need a plate to eat it. Just grab it and go. Eat it while you go from one place to another, while you go to your office, while you’re with your friends at the end of the month when you don’t have enough money for pizzas and pasta.

Mumbai's Vada Pav
The Classic Vada Pav

Vadapav might be the staple food of the city. You don’t have to go finding it. It’s easily available at every nook and cranny of the city. Its ingredients are also very simple yet harmonious. There’s obviously the bun/pav with the vada inside of it along with the red or green chutney. Now, this is where things get interesting. This is where you are given the ultimate power of customizing your Vada pav. You can either go with the red chutney or the green one or maybe both. I mean who’s stopping you? You know what? Why don’t you go ahead and add Schezwan Chutney in there as well? Or why don’t you try a Samosa or Bhajiya in there? Do you see what am I talking about here? It’s so versatile yet it’s so simple. That is what makes it one of the favorite things to have in Mumbai.


In the list of Mumbai’s famous foods, the second one was a bit tough to choose from the wide range of street food available in Mumbai but I think the classic Bombay Masala Toast or Bombay Toasty gets the slot. Indeed there’s Pav Bhaji, Masala Rice, Idlis, Dosas available in abundance but there’s something about those sandwiches that makes them special. There might be a preference given to them because I like comfort food that doesn’t keep me invested too long. You can take the sandwich and start moving as you eat it and that was a criteria that I had in my mind while making this list because of which sandwiches make the spot on the list. Something that the city that constantly moves needs while it’s moving. The comfort food that’s easily available and filling.

Classic Mumbai Bombay Toasty
Bombay Toasty

Sandwiches in Mumbai come in so many variations and varieties. There’s the classic Bombay Toasty that I’ll be talking or rather writing about that the variation’s (almost) endless. So you can customize it with cheese, butter, toasted bread, whether you want tomatoes or not (nobody really wants tomatoes), or do you want chutney or not on the bread. You know the drill. So coming back to the Toasty, it’s made of bread, chutney, along with potato masala, cucumber, tomatoes and any variation of vegetables that’s available with the seller and then they toast it in a classic sandwich maker that’s available with each and every sandwich maker.

Almost all of the household in Mumbai have a sandwich maker. I’ll attach a photo of it. The sandwich is filling, just eat one and your breakfast is done. You need not stay at a place to eat it. Just take it and start moving. There must be someplace that you need to be.

Sandwich maker
Sandwich Maker

Cutting Chai

Now to gulp down the vada pav and sandwich you need something too and what better than another Mumbai’s famous food, the classic of the city – Cutting Chai. You need not find a stall that sells chai in Mumbai because you’ll already know where you’ll find chai. That’s how commonly available it is. In recent years chai has gained too much popularity for its own good. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love chai as much as the other person but damn they’re making concoctions with it. There are cafes that serve chai which has been given some cool name or added something unnecessary things in it. I mean sure a few of them might taste good but don’t mess up the already amazing flavour of chai? Enough of the rant. I’ll rant about it separately one day maybe.

Mumbai's Cutting Chai
Cutting Chai

Chai in Mumbai is very soothing. You can opt for masala chai as well which has spices in it which actually enhances the flavour of the chai tenfolds. Chai without adrak and elaichi is no chai at all. Although chai is not my cup of coffee but Mumbai’s Cutting Chai has all my heart.

So now that sorts Mumbai for all you folks out there. If you’re visiting it for the first time or you’re a resident of the beautiful but heavily trafficked city, this time don’t go to the pubs, clubs, or cafes but try exploring the street of the city. It’s an incredible experience out there on the streets. Visit the local market, meet the sweet folks out there, converse with them for a while, go to the beach, eat a Vada pav or a sandwich and share the cutting chai with your friends, family or your loved ones.

You’ll find that the mediocrities and simplicities of this city will still be there no matter the rush, stardom or it being the hub of greatness. Write your views in the comment section below and let us know what do you like about the city, what do you like to eat on the streets and do recommend what should we try next when we are in Mumbai. Also, You can also follow us on Instagram.

See you.