Bangkok-Pattaya – 7 days on a Budget

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Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket are the most visited and preferred travel destinations in Thailand. But guys, Thailand is a lot more than Pattaya Bangkok and Phuket. Bangkok, being the capital city of Thailand receives the most number of visitors. Its famous tourist attractions make it quite popular among travellers. Among Indian travellers Thailand is the most preferred destination due to various reasons:  the simple visa policies for Indians which is a motivating factor for the first time travellers. Cheap and better flight connectivity also plays a vital role. The good, tasty, cheap street food, low-cost transportation budget accommodation makes Thailand a BUDGET friendly destination

Here’s how you can plan a 7 day trip to Thailand on a budget.

First and the heavy expense is Flight Tickets. Depending upon your location it can cost somewhere around 10,000-16,000 INR for a round trip. Now once your flight tickets are done, Another huge chunk of your budget will go for Thai Visa which cost around 2000 BAHT (approx 4600/- INR). 1 Baht = 2.37 INR (approx).

Although there is a piece of good news for us, Indian travellers, that till April 2020 the Thai government has waived off this 2000 BAHT visa on arrival fee, Isn’t that amazing? So plan your trip before April 2020 and save a huge chunk of money. Here’s how you can get a free visa on arrival.

pattaya city bangkok thailand
Pattaya City

How should you plan your trip?


See, I’m no expert and also everyone has their own style of travelling. But what I suggest is start your trip from Pattaya spend your first 2-3 days in Pattaya. You can enjoy the amazing tourist attraction of Pattaya like

  • Coral Island tour
  • Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai)
  • Jomtien Beach
  • Sanctuary of truth and a lot more…

 and also Walking Street and adult nightlife of Pattaya is world-famous.

  • Go-Go bars
  • Russian strip clubs
  • Various Indian music clubs one of the most famous is Nashaa-Di-Hatti
  • Live music bars which are the most decent option of the lot.
walking street pattaya bangkok thailand
Walking Street

How to reach Pattaya from Bangkok?

You can take a bus directly from the airport, these Government run AC-Buses will charge you 120 Baht and will take approximately 2 hrs to reach Pattaya. Or if you want a more comfortable journey and budget isn’t an issue for you, you can always take a cab. Cabs generally charge around 1500-1600 baht and will drop you till your hotel/hostel. For the local transits, you can use Bike taxies, best and cheap.

nana plaza bangkok pattaya


When it comes to shopping or entertainment, history or culture, mouth-watering world-famous food, amazing parties or adult nightlife, Bangkok has it all.

Where should you stay?

Well, there a few prominent areas in Bangkok.

  • Khao San/Banglamphu Area
  • Sukhumvit Area
  • Pratunam Area

In these areas, you will find a lot of budget-friendly hotels and amazingly budget-friendly party hostels. Hotels starting from 100 bahts, also you can get a bed in mix dorm in the super amazing hostel under 500 BAHT. These Areas have a lot of good and cheap food options and a lot of Indian restaurants as well.

Major tourist attractions are:

  • You can visit Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha.
  • The grand place is a must-visit
  • You can take a trip to Chatuchak market
  • Boat Trip along the Chao Phraya River.
  • The world-famous Thai Massage.
  • Pub crawling is another amazing thing and a must-try.
  • For the Adult entertainment, you can spend an evening at NANA PLAZA (Soi 4) or at SOI COWBOY, this short street has the most number of Go-Go bars, almost 35-40.
soi cowboy street bangkok pattaya
Soi Cowboy

Depending upon you, what you are actually seeking Bangkok has it all, whether you want a simple and a decent trip and explore Thai food and culture or want to be the part of amazing parties or will to spend your money on adult entertainment Bangkok, Thailand is your destination.

So, start packing your bags. With New Year around the corner, this is the best time for you to plan this trip. If you’ve ant query, feel free to reach us through the comment box below. You can also follow us on Instagram for more amazing content and BTS. Share it with your friends and stay awesome. Read more about:

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